Entrusted by the families of our communities since 1918, we have always endeavored to care for our families and the deceased with utmost compassion and respect. Whether it be a traditional church service, cremation service, graveside ceremony, or a tribute at the funeral home; we are dedicated to using our knowledge, experience, creativity, and all resources available to provide a unique, meaningful, and healing event.  

We are a family owned and operated funeral home, living in the communities we serve.  Our family at Hammill Funeral Home distinguishes ourselves through our quality of service, the attention to detail when caring for the deceased, and our willing attitude to fulfill the needs and requests of the families we serve. 

 We are all available to you for assistance and guidance, whether it be handling funeral services, pre-planning/funding a funeral, or just answering any questions you may have.

 In your time of need, we hope that we can be helpful in providing comfort to you and those that love you.